Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions about our rock, sand, and gravel products and service. If you don’t see your question answered here on the FAQ page, feel free to contact us directly.

When will you be open on Saturdays?

We will open usually first of May. But we currently do deliveries on Sat.

How much lead time do I need for a delivery?

We do same day delivery. Sometimes in the summer we get busy but will most of the time do same day.

Do you have a minimum delivery?

7 tons or 5 yards.

How many tons does a truck hold?

Good question; our dump trucks legally haul 14 tons or 12 yards.

What if I do not want that much?

Our minimum order is 7 tons or 5 yards, but we can add a few tons and charge you for the material, but the trucking remains the same.

What is the difference between a yard and a ton?

A ton is a measurement of weight. A yard is a measurement of volume. We sell all our products by weight, so you are getting the honest measurement. The only products we sell by the yard are bark, and topsoil, due to the fact that they are very light.

Can I bring my broken asphalt or concrete to your yard for disposal?

Yes, we are a permitted recycling facility and we manufacture concrete and asphalt into a reusable product.

what if my project is big and I need help or need to find a contractor?

We can help. PLT has been in the heavy highway construction industry for 30 years. We have the equipment and knowledge to repair and improve your roads, driveways or your property. We can visit the site for an estimate, and help you decide the best approach.

Do you sell to the public if I bring my pickup?


What's the difference between clean chip and product with minus in it?

Clean chip is not good for driveways because without the fines it will move around like marbles. But it is nice to look at.