Gravel Delivery Services

We deliver what you need.

If you have a project that needs gravel, we’ve got you covered! We offer gravel delivery to the greater Puget Sound area.

Gravel may be commonly thought of for its uses in road construction, construction fill and for laying foundations. However, that’s just a small fraction of the uses for gravel.  Gravel is also frequently used in:

  • Driveways
  • Path or walkways
  • Patios
  • Water features
  • Drainage
  • Low maintenance decorative landscaping

Gravel Sizes – What Size Gravel Do You Need?

Gravel comes in different sizes for different uses:

  • 2” Clean Chip is chipped gravel without fines, having a particle size of 2”. This gravel may be used as the base for a driveway, for example.
  • ¾” Clean Chip is chipped gravel without fines, having a particle size of ¾”. This size may be used as a middle base for a driveway, or for use in landscaping or drainage.
  • Screenings is a small gravel size, typically around 1/8”, and similar in appearance to coarse sand. This may be used as fill-in for paths or walkways.
  • Bank Gravel is a combination of large stones, mixed with dirt and smaller stones. Bank Gravel can be used in drainage or in landscaping uses.
  • Pea Gravel is a smaller sized gravel, typically about 3/8” and has a more colorful appearance. It’s often used for decorative purposes.
  • Washed Drain rock is a larger rock size, typically used for larger drainage applications and to fill-up low spots.

What Do I Use for a Big Project?

Most driveways will use three different layers and sizes of gravel, using larger stones as the foundation, medium-sized stone in the middle and smaller stones as the top layer. Depending on the uses envisioned for a patio, path, walkway or landscaping, a more decorative stone may be the best choice. Smaller gravel would be used for water features. Larger gravel would be used for drainage.

How Do I Calculate the Cost?

Using our calculator, figure the area to be covered (length x width) and the depth of materials that you feel you will need. That will render the yards to be purchased.  We provide gravel delivery or you can do your own pick-up. Our minimum delivered size is 7 tons or 5 yards. Contact us for gravel delivery prices and to confirm your exact needs.