Our Company


East Valley Sand and Gravel - TruckingEast Valley Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. was created in 1996. The company has grown into an established organization with an outstanding reputation for quality products and services; credit for the company’s success goes to every employee who takes pride in being a part of the team.

East Valley Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. is comprised of a one-stop shopping store for home owners and contractors. The 30-acre facility on Cemetery Road provides Organic Four Way Top Soil, Perk Dirt and Drain Field Mixes, Sand and Gravel, Quarry, Crushed, Washed and Landscape materials. Plus a large assortment of recycled asphalt and concrete materials for going “GREEN”.

East Valley Sand & Gravel Co. Inc. also provides a large assortment of heavy equipment available for rent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, provided that proper insurance and credit has been established.