Fill / Structural

Fill - Structural Dirt from East Valley Sand and Gravel

At first glance, all dirt may look the same, but different types of dirt have specific uses in landscaping and building projects, such as fill - structural dirt.


What is Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt is right below the top layer of earth. That top layer, also known as topsoil, contains organic matter. Fill dirt, on the other hand, is made up of broken rocks, sand and clay.  These substantial elements make fill dirt heavier and less likely to shift or move (like topsoil).

To make fill dirt safe for residential and commercial use, suppliers will clean it, removing toxins, chemicals and industrial byproducts. And fill dirt is screened to remove large pieces of rock or debris that would reduce its stability.


When do you Use Fill Dirt?

Fill dirt can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Construction where fill dirt serves as the base for building foundations and roadways
  • Landscaping, when fill dirt is used to contour and add dimension to flat landscapes
  • Leveling or building up low lying areas that may be prone to flooding or create an uneven landscape


How do Types of Fill Dirt Differ?

Fill dirt can be separated into its components and used for different purposes:

  • Sand, in a fine or coarse grit, compacts well to create a solid surface. And when fill dirt has more than 50% sand, it’s useful for areas that will be planted, because it allows roots to easily grow.
  • Clay also compacts well but is a denser material and provides a good base for walkways or small structures like sheds.
  • Sandy Clay is a composite of fine and dense fill dirt, used in some areas for roadway bases.
  • Crushed Surfacing Base Course is 1-inch pieces of gravel useful for heavily trafficked areas and in areas needing drainage.


If you have questions about the right fill dirt for your project, call our team at East Valley Sand and Gravel. We’ll find the solution that works for you and your budget.


Price: $8.00 per Ton

Used for Pipe bedding, road base, fill. This material is screened and binds very well.

Fill Dirt

Price: $5.40 per ton

Fill dirt, made up of rocky subsoil, organic and non-organic materials, is used to raise grades, contour hills, and fill depressions.

fill dirt

Fill Dirt

Crushed Surfacing Base Course (CSBC) 1 1/4″ X 0″ Crushed Rock

Price: $13.25 per ton

Crushed Surfacing Base Course (CSBC) packs tightly and holds in place, making it the primary base material for heavily trafficked road ways. CSBC also adds stability to bridges and muddy or wet areas. This CSBC meets the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) specifications for base course. Density tests and curves are available upon request. Please call for delivered price.

crushed surfacing base course (csbc)

Crushed Surfacing Base Course (CSBC)


1 cubic yard of CSBC covers:

  • 1″ 324 SQ FT
  • 2″ 162 SQ FT
  • 3″ 108 SQ FT
  • 4″ 81 SQ FT
  • 5″ 64 SQ FT
  • 6″ 54 SQ FT
  • 7″ 46.29 SQ FT
  • 8″ 40.5 SQ FT
  • 9″ 36 SQ FT
  • 10″ 32.40 SQ FT
  • 11″ 29.46 SQ FT
  • 12″ 27 SQ FT

Gravel Borrow (Bank)

Price: $7.45 per ton

Course Washed Sand

Course Washed Sand

Price: $10.75 per ton

Call for delivered price – One cubic yard covers 1″ 324 SQ FT 2″ 162 3″ 108 4″ 81 5″ 64 6″ 54 7″ 46.29 8″ 40.5 9″ 36 10″ 32.40 11″ 29.46 12″ 27