Landscape Rock

Landscape Rock Products

Landscape rock, stones, and fill will enhance the appearance of outdoor areas, minimize erosion, and promote plant growth.


Your beautifully landscaped exteriors give you a place to relax, play and de-stress. What you may not realize is that landscaping can add almost 30% to your home’s value says landscape economist John Harris. And when you get ready to sell your home, every dollar you’ve invested in landscaping will provide a +9% to +50% return!


Incorporating landscaping stones and crushed rock into your yard adds interest, color and texture. These inanimate parts of your landscape are sometimes referred to as ‘hardscape.’ They are used to create a framework and structure to highlight the trees, plants and unique features like ponds or waterfalls in your yard. But compared to manufactured materials like concrete, brick or pavers, crushed rock and stones add a more organic, softer feel to your landscape.


The variety of landscape rock and stone available provides you with many landscaping options.


  • Want to make your yard more inviting? Consider using river rocks for a casual, relaxing setting.
  • Have a shady area that needs brightening? Incorporate clean chip to contrast with the darker soil.
  • Interested in a natural garden border? Small quarry rocks provide a visually interesting backdrop and discourage weed growth.


Landscape rock and stones are durable and long-lasting, so take time and talk with experts to find the right combination and placement that will enhance your yard. The benefits of adding stone and rock to your landscape are long-lasting, and –


  • You’ll have less soil erosion, especially on sloped areas,
  • Less fungi growth compared to organic material like mulch,
  • And they provide good drainage and stability in areas where water pools or causes washout.


East Valley Sand and Gravel's Landscape Rock Options include:

¾” Clean Chip

Clean Chip is an attractive crushed rock that can beautify driveways, garden paths, and bedding areas. 3/4″ clean chip is also useful when free drainage is needed along foundations or behind retaining walls.

clean chip rock

3/4″ Clean Chip

2" Clean Chip Rock

Clean Chip Rock

2” Clean Chip

This 2″ size clean chip is hard to find and can be used for residential pathways and landscaping. It also works well for surface or subsurface areas around industrial facilities, shops, or barns.

2" Clean Chip Rock

2″ Clean Chip

Granite Landscape Rock < 3'

Granite landscape rocks are natural stones that can be used to build retaining walls, a foundation for shorelines (rip-rap), waterfalls, or accents pieces in landscaped areas.

granite landscape rock

Granite Landscape Rock < 3′

Quarry Rock – Three and Four Man

Large quarry rocks are great for decorative stand-out pieces for your landscaping projects.

granite landscape rock

Large Quarry Rocks


  • 3 MAN 700-2000 LBS 28″ – 36″
  • 4 MAN 2000-4000 LBS 36 – 48″
  • 5 MAN 4000-6000 LBS 48 – 54″
  • 6 MAN 6000-8000 LBS 54 – 60″



  • 3 MAN QUARRY ROCK 28″ -36″
  • 4 MAN QUARRY ROCK 36″ – 48 “

Quarry Rock – Small, One and Two Man

East Valley Sand and Gravel has great options for smaller (one and two-man) quarry rocks. Descriptions are included below.

granite landscape quarry rock

Small Quarry Rock


  • 1 MAN 50-200 LBS 12″ – 18″
  • 2 MAN 200-700 LBS 18″ – 28″



  • Small 1 MAN Quarry Rock Up to 12″
  • 1 MAN Quarry Rock 12″ – 18″
  • 2 MAN Quarry Rock 18″ – 28″

4-Way Organic Top Soil

East Valley Sand and Gravel’s 4-Way Organic Top Soil contains the right mixture for helping plants absorb more water and take in more nutrients. This top soil mix of 18% valley soil, 55% sandy loam, 9% aged manure, and 18% sawdust contains no undesirable additives such as recycled food, recycled yard waste or garbage.

Organic Top Soil

Top Soil

1 cubic yard of top soil covers:

  • 1″ 324 SQ FT
  • 2″ 162 SQ FT
  • 3″ 108 SQ FT
  • 4″ 81 SQ FT
  • 5″ 64 SQ FT
  • 6″ 54 SQ FT
  • 7″ 46.29 SQ FT
  • 8″ 40.5 SQ FT
  • 9″ 36 SQ FT
  • 10″ 32.40 SQ FT
  • 11″ 29.46 SQ FT
  • 12″ 27 SQ FT

Fill Dirt

Fill dirt, made up of rocky subsoil, organic and non-organic materials, is used to raise grades, contour hills, and fill depressions.

fill dirt

Fill Dirt

Perk Dirt

Perk (Percolation) Dirt is a screened, water-permeable dirt that provides a reliable foundation for drain fields or infiltration basins.

perk dirt

Perk Dirt