New Products

New Products Available at East Valley Sand and Gravel!

Concrete Ultra Blocks

Price: Tops $65 Regular $60

Delivery Available 4600 pounds

5′ x 2’4″ x 2’3″

Hauling 10 per load for delivery

Call 360-403-7520 or email for price

Asphalt Grindings

Price: $8.00 per ton

Recycled Asphalt Grindings

Asphalt grindings are the perfect material for road base. This material lays down and compacts well, keeping the dust to a minimum.

asphalt grindings asphalt grindings east valley sand

¾” Clean Chip

Price: $15.25 per ton

Clean Chip is an attractive crushed rock that can beautify driveways, garden paths, and bedding areas. 3/4″ clean chip is also useful when free drainage is needed along foundations or behind retaining walls.

clean chip rock

3/4″ Clean Chip

2" Clean Chip Rock

Clean Chip Rock

2” Clean Chip

Price: $14.70 per ton

This 2″ size clean chip is hard to find and can be used for residential pathways and landscaping. It also works well for surface or subsurface areas around industrial facilities, shops, or barns.

2" Clean Chip Rock

2″ Clean Chip


Price: $8.00 per Ton

Used for Pipe bedding, road base, fill. This material is screened and binds very well.