Quarry rock

Quarry Rock

One to Four Man Quarry Rocks

Quarry rock is a low-maintenance, natural-looking landscaping option. Keep reading to find out more about quarry rock sizing, its applications, and how to get them in the Arlington, Washington area.

Small Quarry Rock

  • 1 MAN 50-200 LBS 12″ – 18″
  • 2 MAN 200-700 LBS 18″ – 28″

Large Quarry Rock

  • 3 MAN 700-2000 LBS  28″–  36″
  • 4 MAN 2000-4000 LBS 36″ – 48 “
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All About Quarry Rock

Quarry Rock Sizing

Quarry rocks come in many size brackets, but due to their irregular nature, the actual size and dimensions vary from stone to stone. Here is an overview of the size brackets of quarry rocks carried by Reece Aggregates and Recycling:

  • One-man quarry rocks weigh 50–200 pounds and are 12–18 inches across.
  • Two-man quarry rocks weigh 200–700 pounds and are 18–28 inches across.
  • Three-man quarry rocks weigh 700–2,000 pounds and are 28–36 inches across.
  • Four-man quarry rocks weigh 2,000–4,000 pounds and are 36–48 inches across.

The one-man and two-man variants are considered small quarry rocks, while the three-man and four-man variants are considered large quarry rocks.

Quarry Rock Applications

Quarry rocks are useful for both landscaping and construction purposes. For instance, if a hillside needs support at a construction site, quarry rocks can be used to buttress a slope. For landscaping, a single quarry rock can serve as an attractive accent piece. Multiple quarry rocks can be used to build terraces, to line walkways, or form other natural-looking landscape enhancements. The rocks will last virtually forever, making them an “install-it-and-forget-it” landscaping option.

Obtaining Quarry Rock

If quarry rocks sound right for your next project in the Arlington, Washington, area, we have good news: Reece Aggregates and Recycling can supply them, whether you prefer pickup or delivery. To learn more about how much you’ll need, check out the Fill Materials Calculator at the bottom of this page. For pricing info, visit this page. If you have questions or want to get the process started, you can reach us through our contact page or by calling 360-403-7520.