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Granite landscape rocks are natural stones that can be used to build retaining walls, a foundation for shorelines (rip-rap), waterfalls, or accents pieces in landscaped areas. We offer granite landscape rocks that are both larger and smaller than 3 feet.

Granite landscape rock comes in many shapes and sizes, meaning these natural stones have a wide variety of uses. Keep reading for ideas on how to use them in home improvement and in construction projects.



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About Granite Landscape Rock

Granite Landscape Rock in Retaining Walls

Granite rocks are a great option for building retaining walls, which have the purpose of holding soil in place. Some retaining walls are built with timber, bricks, or other prepared materials; however, granite rocks can provide a more natural appearance. Additionally, as home-improvement website The Spruce points out, retaining walls built from stone have a built-in drainage system, and they are also resistant to frost damage.

Granite Landscape Rock and Shorelines

Shorelines are malleable and vulnerable to wearing away, but they become less so with the addition of granite rocks. On a shoreline, granite rocks can help hold the soil together, protecting it from erosion. Additionally, large granite stones can serve as a way to keep people from entering dangerous areas of shoreline: The stones look nice but are not particularly pleasant to walk on or clamber over. The type of stone known as rip rap is particularly useful for applications near water; to learn more, check out our page on rip rap.

Granite Landscape Rock as Aesthetic Pieces

Aside from its range of practical applications, granite rocks both small and large can also serve a primarily aesthetic purpose. For instance, you might use granite to line pathways through a garden, and then use strategically placed stones as accent pieces to give the area more flair. Another option is to use them to line a fire pit, creating a natural, attractive border.

Obtaining Granite Landscape Rock

If you’re in the Arlington, Washington, area and are interested in using granite landscape rock in your next project, East Valley Sand and Gravel can be your go-to source. We provide granite rocks in a variety of sizes, including those smaller and larger than three feet. These rocks, as well as the other materials we carry, are available on a pickup or delivery basis. To find out more, give us a call at 360-403-7520. Alternatively, feel free to tell us about your needs through our contact page.