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Recycled rock are materials from the demolition of roads and buildings which used to be sent to a landfill. Now concrete and asphalt debris are recycled for reuse, providing several benefits – many easily recognized and a few that might surprise you.

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Why Use Recycled Concrete in Your Project?

Recycled concrete is made from demolished buildings. Steel, metal and other debris is removed during a screening process. Then the pieces are crushed to size.

Recycled concrete provides several key benefits including:

  • Saving You Money

Recycled concrete aggregate is less expensive to produce than pouring a new concrete base. You’ll have extra dollars to invest in the rest of your project.

  • Helping The Environment

Recycling concrete doesn’t require much processing and importantly, means natural stone doesn’t have to be harvested and crushed, leaving the environment intact. And reusing concrete means less of this non-biodegradable material is sent to landfills.

  • Giving You A Durable, Versatile Material

You might think recycled concrete is less durable than a fresh pour but testing by the Federal Highway Administration shows it is reliable and safe. This versatility makes recycled concrete a good choice for construction, landscaping or home improvement.

Why Use Recycled Asphalt in Your Project?

The recycling process for asphalt involves crushing, screening and reprocessing the material, usually at a facility, but sometimes on site. You may be wondering if recycled asphalt will deliver the same quality as new aggregate mixes.

Testing by the Federal Highway Association showed roads build with recycled asphalt were safer, stronger and longer-lasting than new asphalt. Another option, mixing some recycled asphalt with new mix, actually strengthens the final product and requires less new material to be made.

In addition to this unexpected learning, recycled asphalt has been shown to be:

  • Less expensive to produce than creating new aggregate mixes.
  • Eco-friendly, since the non-biodegradable material is repurposed instead of taking up space in landfills.
  • Protective of the environment, since asphalt mining, refining and shipping can be avoided.

Before you schedule a new pour of concrete or asphalt, price out the cost of using recycled material. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the savings – for your budget and the environment.