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Cobbles are rounded washed rock pieces, range in size from 1-inch (about marble-sized) up to 8-inch (a small basketball). These washed rocks can be used in loose form in landscaped areas for decorative ground cover, in waterway beds or in flower beds. When incorporated with cement mortar, cobbles form unique pathways or drives.

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Cobblestones are a versatile, eye-pleasing landscaping product. These simple stones have a wide variety of uses, and this article looks at what they are and how they might improve your property.

All About Cobbles

Cobblestones got their name from the river-smoothed stones, known as cobbles, that early builders used to construct roads. In terms of size, they range from about an inch (the size of a marble) to about eight inches (the size of a thin hardcover book). Their use dates all the way back to the 3rd and 4th centuries, according to The technique eventually evolved to using larger, trimmed shapes rather than raw rocks to build cobblestone roads.

If you’ve visited a city with older roadways, especially in Europe, you may have seen cobblestone streets. Some streets in American cities, such as New York, Boston, and Charleston, still feature the building material as well. That these roads are still around is a testament to the durability of cobblestone.

Cobbles for Your Property

You’re probably not looking to build a city road like the builders from centuries ago, but cobblestones are a quite useful and aesthetic material for modern properties nonetheless. For instance, home-focused website The Spruce recommends cobblestone pavers—made up of granite, basalt, or other rocks—as an excellent material for driveways. For the more price conscious, adding smaller cobblestone elements, such as a border, apron, or inlay, can add a touch of flair to your driveway at a lower cost.

Cobblestone can also be an aesthetic option for patios, gardens, and more. It can be integrated with other stone, concrete, or soil.

Installing Cobblestone Elements

Cobblestone delivery from East Valley Sand and Gravel is an option for adventurous DIY types who want to handle the job themselves. If you want more of a hand, East Valley can also assist with site prep and other installation considerations, helping you update your home with cobblestone elements in a matter of days. To learn more or get the process started, get in touch with us today by calling 360-403-7520 or visiting our contact page.