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Drain Rock

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Drain rock is commonly used for drainage and underground pipe installation. Drainage may not be the first thing most people think of when they consider construction, but it is nonetheless vital. Proper drainage is essential to keeping a project structurally sound and environmentally friendly. This page looks at a material that is highly useful for drainage: drain rock.

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What Is Drain Rock?

Drain rock is the humble hero of drainage. The material is made up of small stones that allow water to pass through but manage its flow overall. The stones used by East Valley Sand and Gravel are typically around 7/8 by 2 inches, though they come in a few different size varieties and colors.

When Is Drain Rock Needed?

Drain rock plays a role in many landscaping and construction applications. For instance, a common feature in many yards is a French drain, which BobVila.com describes as a “ditch with an embedded pipe.” In a French drain, drain rock serves the purpose of managing water flow. Drain rock does the same thing when it is used in other areas, such as a driveway (to help stop flooding) or gardens (where it helps block soil erosion and over-saturation). In heavier construction settings, drain rock is still a go-to material for drainage and underground pipe installation. The takeaway point is that whether you’re involved in a home landscaping project or a larger construction undertaking, drain rock is your ally.

How Do I Obtain Drain Rock?

If you’re looking for drain rock, East Valley Sand and Gravel would be glad to help, regardless of your project type or size. We can provide drain rock on both a delivery and pickup basis. If you’re not at that stage yet, we can also provide advice on how much drain rock you will need and other installation considerations. And our services don’t stop at providing material: We can also prepare your site, install the materials, and provide ongoing maintenance.

If you’d like a general project consultation or information on specific pricing and services, we’re easy to get in touch with: Call us at 360-403-7520 or send us a message through our contact page.