Landscape Materials

East Valley Sand and Gravel has everything you need for your landscaping or contracting project. We carry many types of landscape materials including sand, gravel, crushed rock, washed rock, quarry rock, and fill materials. We also offer a wide variety of recycled materials such as recycled concrete and asphalt. Recycled concrete is a great alternative because it is better for the environment and helps cut down on construction costs. Using recycled concrete also reduces the need for gravel mining.

Calculating Landscape Materials

Not sure how to calculate the amount of landscape rock, sand, or gravel that you need? We can help!

How to Determine Sand, Rock, and Gravel Quantities

Using our Fill Materials Calculator, you can easily determine the quantity of landscape materials you’ll need to complete your project.

  1. Measure the surface area (L x W) of your landscape or construction project.
  2. Determine the desired depth (in inches) you need.
  3. Enter the square footage in the Area to be covered field of the calculator.
  4. Enter the desired depth in the Depth of covering field.
  5. Press Calculate

This calculation gives you the approximate amount of fill material you’ll need. Unsure of the depth or have other questions? Feel free to give us a call or reach out on our contact page.

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