Road and Driveway Building

Road building doesn’t have to be difficult. We have over 35 years of expert heavy highway and residential construction experience at East Valley Sand and Gravel. Bring us your approved plans and project outline and we are happy to provide a quote and an estimated time of completion for your road or driveway project.

It’s important when developing driveways, roadways and highways to have the work done by experienced professionals. If you have any questions about our process or need additional information, reach out to the team at East Valley. We’d love to hear from you!


How to Make a Gravel Road or Driveway

High on our list of commonly asked questions is the process of how to make a road or a driveway. What type of material do I need and how much? Can you do it yourself or do you hire a contractor? Penny explains the East Valley process in the video below. You can also view the video directly on YouTube.